Acid Logistics

Complete Acid Logistics

Roywell is one of the largest independent suppliers of raw and blended acid. With large storage facilities, transportation fleets, frac tanks, mixing trailers and ancillary services we can reliably provide bulk acid to our customers as well as blend acid on-site. Our service locations in Refugio and Odessa within Texas serve the Eagle Ford and Permian basins respectively. Mid-Con operations are serviced through our locations in Pocasset and Thomas, Oklahoma.

  • Complete Suite of Acid and Additives: We provide hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acids, organic as well as synthetic acids. Broad spectrum of specialty additives are also available to tackle issues such as: mud and cement filtrate invasion, iron sulfide precipitation, asphaltene and paraffin deposition, water blocks in gas wells etc.
  • Competitive Pricing: Strategically placed rail spurs and service locations allow Roywell to deliver significant volumes of acid at competitive prices.
  • Design Expertise: We design our acid blends for each client considering the individual well and formation data as well legacy data compiled over 50 years of operations in the Gulf Coast region.
  • Well-site Blending: We provide on-site blending services and if required, can mix customer provided additives.
  • FRP Lined Tankers: We have a large fleet of fiberglass reinforced plastic lined tanks available that can handle multi-well, multi-pad operations.
  • Acid Transportation: Large fleet of 130 bbl vacuum trucks (with capability to pull and push fluids) and FRP trailers are available for acid transportation. Roywell can also transport unused acid to a different well site. We can also arrange disposal of spent acid.

Fleet Management System:  All our acid transportation units as well as service trucks are equipped with GPS. Real time location data is available at all times, helping us to ensure reliable and timely delivery of services.


Fluids Lab

Our fluids lab facility allows our engineers to develop acid blends & cement slurry designs for specific well requirements. Our testing procedures and instruments comply with API standards. Rigorous testing and QA\QC procedures allow us to consistently delivery excellent service quality.

We perform the following tests:

  • Analysis of raw/stock HCl to quantify impurities
  • Quality control of blended acid
  • Iron content in acid and mix water
  • Corrosion Coupon Testing
  • Compatibility testing for acid blends and emulsions
  • Diverted acid systems (gelled acid, oil external phase emulsions etc.)
  • Client requested customized testing
  • Cement slurry testing

Well Stimulation

Better Solutions, Better Equipment, Better Results

Roywell offers a complete line of chemicals and solutions for a variety of completion and stimulation operations. We provide matrix acidizing, fracture acidizing and miscellaneous pump down services (toe-preps et cetera). Every treatment is customized to specific well conditions. Our extensive experience in acid stimulation operations, rigorous QA/QC practices and testing in our fluids’ laboratory ensures that our treatment packages perform as expected. Our pumping units include frac pumps (15 Kpsi),  twin pump units (15 and 10 Kpsi), single pump units (5 Kpsi) as well as combo-units (10 Kpsi) that can accommodate up to 4,000 gal of acid on tanks, thereby negating the requirement for separate acid transports and saving costs. Our customers recognize and appreciate our commitment to providing services safely, reliably and at competitive prices.