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Acidizing & Stimulation

Better Solutions, Better Equipment, Better Results

Roywell offers a complete line of stimulation chemicals and solutions for a variety of drilling, completion, recomplete and remediation operations. We treat your wellbore issues with the best possible stimulation package and pumping services to get the job done right the first time. Our engineering staff performs expert lab analysis at our own in-house laboratory then designs a solution to your well bore conditions to ensure you have all the information you need before choosing a course of action.

Acid Mixing for Frac Tanks

We supply mixed acid for your frac jobs. We provide the raw acid, all of the chemicals, and the equipment to pre-mix acid on location. Our proprietary mixing procedure does not leave a residue in the frac tank and all chemicals are carried downhole to ensure proper downhole utilization.

Roywell's Complete Acid Logistics Program

Problem-Solving, Budget-Saving Solutions Only Roywell Can Provide

Roywell provides a seamless delivery of acid for your completion needs.

Proprietary Acid Blending Tanks

Roywell’s acid tanks were designed with speed, efficiency, and safety in mind.

FRP Lined Tankers Haul and/or Blend

Our FRP tankers, in conjunction with our Super Chemical Trailers(™) , are fully capable of hauling raw and blended acid as well as providing on-site blending services. This results in fewer loads, less time on location, and money saved.

Strategically Placed Rail Access

Roywell’s rail capacity and transloading capabilities allow for movement of significant volumes of acid to location with reduced need to long-haul truck acid from the source.

Roywell’s Super Chemical Trailers(™)
  • Self-contained units
  • Can blend all types of HCL and additives
  • Use only precision measuring tools
  • Utilize combination air blending/tank rolling system
  • Strong safety program and culture
  • Provide in house lab testing for compatibility of wellbore fluids and acid blends
  • All equipment is regularly inspected and tested
  • Equipped with Safety Shower
  • More efficient to save operators’ time and money