Our Experience

Our Safety Culture

Work Safe or Not At All!

Safety is the core of our work culture. Our motto is “Work safe or not at all!”. This manifests in our operations and processes:

  1. Dedicated safety department and representatives at each service location
  2. SWA (Stop Work Authority)
  3. Incidents and near-miss reporting and feedback\monitoring
  4. 100% deployment of iScout (previously Hazard Scout) – a web-based safety management platform accessible by all employees that (a) hosts safety and training courses (b) provides an interface for incident, near-miss and hazard reporting (c) details all compliance requirements specific to each personnel type
  5. Extensive in-house training program to equip personnel with knowledge of standard procedures and right tools for each job. ISN, PEC & AVETTA membership.
  6. Field mentoring programs for new employees.

Affiliated Companies

Covenant Testing Technologies combines leading technology with some of the most skilled and knowledgeable operators in the business.  With operations in the key areas of the Permian Basin and Niobrara Shale, Covenant provides best-in-class flowback and well testing services with a special focus on horizontal and pad drilling for the upstream oil and gas services industry. Founded in 2013, Covenant is an affiliate of Catapult Energy Services Group.

Spinnaker Oilfield Services is an innovative provider of cementing, acidizing, and pressure pumping to complete new oil and gas wells and for remedial and production improvement for existing wells. Spinnaker is currently operating in Oklahoma and is an affiliate of Catapult Energy Services Group.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mid-Continent, West Texas and South Texas.

Due to the nature of our business many of our sites operate 24/7/365 and also have a live dispatch on site to manage and oversee the operations.

Our acid transport trailers can carry up to 5,000 gals of 22 Baume hydrochloric acid.

While our fleet is always changing due to customers’ demands and aging of assets, we have over 50 in the Mid-Continent area, over 18 in the West Texas area, and 6 tanks in the South Texas area.

Our cementing bulk trailers can haul up to 500 sacks of cement. The upper limit on weight is enforced by the Department of Transportation.

We provide a CoA (Certificate of Analysis) for each load of raw acid that we stock. We can also test the acid for concentration, presence of heavy metals and other contaminants in our in-house fluid testing facility.

Lime (calcium hydroxide) is the material that can be used the least of to neutralize hydrochloric acid. Sodium bicarbonate and sodium hydroxide are also typically used for neutralization.

Yes. We can provide acid blends and cement slurries for various applications for deep, high temperature wells (up to ~400 °F).